Good Groovin is a music video of the rollicking garage rock smash hit from Slink Moss’ Legend. This video uses a fashion show from Vilma Maré to show the fun and style of music and rock. The clothes have a clean lines and the models wear them well as they walk the runway to beat of the song. Good Groovin is sexy fun and stylish refinement.

Above photo from Ghost Trip
“One man’s journey through limbo in a black cadillac hearse.”
by Bill Morrison with soundscape by Michael Montes
Starring Slink Moss and William Schwartz

still from the film “Factory”

“FACTORY” a 35mm film about destruction and dreams and airplane food and dancing. Surreal scenes in a demolished factory in Hudson NY. By Simon Lund and Slink Moss. With Musty Chiffon, James Corbett and Barbara Tonne. FACTORY by Listless Chimp Productions WORK! ALIENATION! INDUSTRY!

Films by Slink Moss

The Island

16mm film tranferred to video. It uses appropriated sounds and images to describe the ascent of Mankind from ape to the “dominant species we are today.” Though The Island is a parody of nature programs, it seeks to provide a new way of approaching anthropology: by using the poetics of film to portray evolution. The Island is an ambitious film that attempts to tell the story of humanity, from Australopithucus to Doomsday, in 6 minutes.

Five Music Videos
Using the music of Slink Moss and the Flying Aces’ album Bones, these videos portray life in the urban decay of Chicago. The protaganist is Slink Moss himself, the urban cowboy lost in a maze of bizarre situations like swimming with his clothes on, tied to railroad tracks, driving in traffic and, ultimately, rockin’ through a myriad of scenes.

Cathedral is a silent super 8 film transferred to video that makes the connection between the human Body and Architecture. Inspired by a treatise on the Senses and Architecture by Juhani Palasmaa, Cathedral is a film that explores spaces in Nature and buildings. It hopes to make one aware of that our bodies are held in spaces, like buildings and in this case in the film itself.

Shark Attack is an 16mm experimental film transferred to video. The film was hand-processed and some images were re-shot using an optical printer. Shark Attack’ is inspired by the heroism of Homer’s Odyssey and the Transformations of Ovid. The film is meant to evoke the mystery, danger and violence of the underwater world. This film attempts to use elements of Mythology from the past and present to create a mini-epic.