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Slink Moss Explosion!
from Maximum Ink
Former Farmers & Flying Aces turned NYC scenester, Slink Moss has been lurking in the shadows for years, playing his warm, sing-along, pop-Americana with what can only be called superhuman enthusiasm. His new band, “The Slink Moss Explosion,” takes rockabilly and gives it the unique Slink Moss treatment; pure rockabilly classics written 45 years late, but not soon enough.”
—David Kulczyk (Maximum Ink)



on Rattlesnake Records/Waterdog Music

How nice is this, an eclectic collection of rock-and-pop-abilly from Slink Moss. Highly infectious garage rock on “Good Groovin,” subtle sweetness on “Rose” and “Jane,” cool spacey surf-rock on the appropriately titled “People of a Planet Called Earth”… listening to this gem is like finding a box of records from the ’60s that would (and definitely should) have been played as many times as “Louie, Louie.” Highly recommended.
– Vic Gemmingen

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12 song debut CD produced with Material Issues’ Jim Ellison who sings the rockin, title track with Slink Moss. Bones is an American lo-fi masterpiece with catchy tunes like Rome, pumping organ sounds and even a Hank Williams Sr. cover. Lots of breezy harmonica and a few campfire songs.

Ghost Train


5 song CD recorded by Jay O’Rourke who also plays the jamming lead guitar with Ted Ansani on bass and Mike Zelenko on drums featuring the rockin, surf tune “Spider”, the crazed polka beat of “Phantom Stranger” and the dusty western send-off “Train Song”. This is slickest Slink disc, still super rockin.

Suicide Rock w/ Latin Song 45 single

almost SOLD OUT

The debut 45 single is “warped in all the right ways.” Minor scales, Tex-Mex grooves, and haunted voodoobilly. The tune songs come with all seven issues of Volume 1 of the comic Rockin Ace which appears regularly in Roctober Zine.