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Slink Moss Orchestra
began in NYC in ’99 as a concept by art director Tryan George for a group that blends the expert craft of classical music and the stylings of a lounge band. Since then they’ve performed their “Baroque Pop” as live music for films and fashion, and in clubs around the East Coast. Performing at Hudson Opera House, with grand piano and candelabra, they celebrate a new 10 song cd compilation called “Black Fish”.

Slink Moss East Coast with Joe and Matt and special guest
Billy X Maryniak of the Flying Aces

Slink Moss One Man Band plays live music to Tim Burton’s “A Nightmare Before Christmas”
at John Doe Records and Books at Winter Walk ’04. Hudson, NY

For info about past slink releases…

Rattlesnake Records presents
with the hits Pass It Around and
Rocket Rock