New photos

Rainbow in Kaunas, Lithuania at a Festival of Kites after the show at the Castle.
photo by Giedre Aleksandraviciute

With Kathe Izzo, love artists on Liverpool Street, London

At the Great Eastern. Kathe Izzo and the Musical Theater of Love.

Our friend Fritz at his love appointment.

Behind the scenes of the Musical Theater of Love. Part of the Wild Gift program. London, May 06.

At The Mars Bar with “Dog” painting in background.

Live with Billy “X” Maryniak at the Parkside Lounge, NYC. above photos by Simon Lund

At home: Slink Moss and son Augustus M painting “Generation” series

Slink Moss Live! Drumming with The Bunny Brains
on Devendra Banhart/Hairy Fairy/Bunnybrains Tour
Sat 10/15/05 Carrboro NC Cats Cradle
photo by Aiyana Elliot

Dan Bunny and Slink Moss

Slink Moss and Ramblin Jack Elliot at Bimbos 365 Club SF, CA

Above photo: Jason Martin and Slink Moss of The Bunny Brains
rockin’ Great Scott’s in Boston. Photo by Bill T Miller

at Hampshire College, Mass on the Bunnies Spring Tour
photo by Dennis Typhus

Suzy Brack rockin with Slink and Andrew at her wedding

Slink Moss Orchestra photos
by Love Ablan
Directed by Mr. Benjamin
Make-up and set by Paige
Wardrobe by Vilma Maré

Photo by kevin rolly

Slink Moss and the Arugula Factory live Rockin’ The Monkey at Burning Flipside TX 2004

Old photos

Live performance with Nobody at Gigsville at Burning Man

Photos by Mikolaj Szoska

Vilma Maré being interviewed for Lithuanian the Lithuanian press backstage.

At DUMBO arts festival, Brooklyn NY. photo by sculptor Bill Rogers